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            Snow Skiing in Northern Tasmania            


The Ski Village in Ben Lomond National Park near Launceston in Autumn 2000 (left) and winter (right). Click the left picture for an autumn snow scene taken five years earlier. The normal ski season is from late July to late September. See you at the Creek Inn - Tasmania's highest pub - for some delicious Tasmanian food and a pint of Guinness or a Tasmanian whisky, beer or wine.



Unloading the cars - red cars do come in 3s             Ben Bullen Hut - click picture to see lodges


The recent $50 million US mini-series Noah's Ark was filmed in the Ben Lomond National Park, starring Hollywood actors Jon Voight (Deliverance) and Mary Steenburgen (Parenthood).



Freyja and Beth on top of Legges Tor (1572 metres) and looking down Big Opening where we spotted a wedge-tailed eagle soaring in the thermals above Misery Bluff. We met a Dutch couple who have sold their house and are touring the world looking for a nice place to live - and Tassie is on top of their list.

  Tasmanian Snow Landscapes


Anne Range in Southwest National Park          Scott-Kilvert Memorial Hut at Cradle Mountain

The Scott-Kilvert Memorial Hut was built for bushwalkers' safety in memory of a teacher and student from Riverside High School in Northern Tasmania who perished in a snowstorm at Cradle Mountain.


don't eat yellow snow


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An Encounter with a Tasmanian Tiger



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