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Welcome to our Stott (Nolan) Family Website

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Tasmania  Australia


You are browsing here in Tasmania (click map)

The current time in Tasmania is 

Hobart (pop 200,000) - Capital of Tasmania

Pictured in Hobart is the largest passenger ship ever to visit Australia


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Stott Coat of Arms                 Nolan Coat of Arms

(Click images for details)


Dallas is a descendant of the Stott (paternal) and Martin (maternal) clans and Beth is a descendant of the Nolan (paternal) and Honey (maternal) clans. The Stott, Nolan, Martin and Honey families arrived in Van Diemans Land (now Tasmania) in sailing ships about 150 years ago. The Stotts came  from Lancashire in Northern England and the Nolans came from County Wexford  in Southern Ireland. The Martins and Honeys came from England. All were free settlers. Beth's ancestor families Kimberley, Stanfield and Harmsworth sailed out from England on the First Fleet of sailing ships to Australia in 1788 and so are known as First Fleeters. Stanfield and Harmsworth were free settlers and Kimberley served as a convict before being appointed a police constable.

The Stott surname is similar to present-day Scandanavian surnames and Stott ancestors have been traced back to the Vikings who invaded Scotland centuries ago. My paternal ancestors came from Lancashire near the border of Scotland and England. The scottish Stott clan were despised by the English gentry and fought the English alongside Sir William Wallace and Robert Bruce King of Scotland. Mel Gibson portrayed Wallace in "Braveheart" but in fact Braveheart was Robert Bruce. Sir William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered by King Edward I (Longshanks) of England to deter the Scottish rebels.

Check out the links to our family trees and photo albums below.

Dallas's Family Tree            Beth's Family Tree

Stott Photo Album            Nolan Photo Album

Sergeant Thomas Stott  - Aussie ANZAC Digger

Another Stott Family Tree in Canada


Twins in the Family

Twin boys Max and Jack born November 2010


Identical twin girls Chloe and Hayley born June 2003



We live on the delightful and naturally beautiful island of Tasmania (pop 460,000) a state of Australia (18 million). We receive light snowfalls  in winter and balmy days in summer.  Our home is at Blackmans Bay, a sleepy little seaside retreat just south of the capital, Hobart.  Segments of the ABC-TV series The Human Journey were filmed at Mt Wellington and Kingston Beach not far from here.

Other Tassie Towns we have lived in are Smithton (Beth), Middleton (Beth), Launceston (Dallas), George Town and Devonport, and we were lucky enough to spend a couple of years on Boyne Island off the Central Queensland Coast.


Our House at Blackmans Bay in Winter 1986

Click picture for our view of Storm Bay and the Southern Ocean



Grandfather Stott - cricket and indoor bowls

Grandfather Nolan - cricket, football, outdoor bowls 

Dallas  - volleyball, squash and bushwalking

Beth  - hockey, volleyball, basketball and squash

Freyja - athletics, netball, triathlon and rowing

Andrew - athletics, volleyball and mixed netball

Cousin Darrel Baldock captained the Saint Kilda Australian Rules Football team to their only premiership in 1966. He was recently named Captain of the Saints' Team of the Century and also made an official Saints' Footy Legend .


Some Tassie Devils


Andrew     Beth     Freyja                 A real Tasmanian Devil


Another Tassie Devil - Incat Australia


Tasmania - Walking with Dinosaurs was filmed here


Sydney to Hobart Sailing Races (click picture)



Aurora and Southern Cross from Blackmans Bay

Photo by Dallas Stott taken from our patio on 25 August 2005 at 2am 

Pentax digital SLR camera and tripod  - 10 secs at F4 and ISO 1600

More Aurora Photos


Test your detective skills

No these are not boot prints on the moon. They are in Tasmanian snow but whose boot prints are they?

Expand your mind and the answer will CLICK into place.


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