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Aurora Australis or Southern Lights from Tasmania Australia


Aurora from Blackmans Bay Tasmania 25 August 2005                                          Aurora from Howden over Snug Tasmania 28 May 2011

Photo by Dallas Stott                                                                                                    Photo by Ian Stewart



Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights                                                                                     Aurora from Launceston Tasmania

Photo from International Space Station                                                                                Photo by Martin George



 Aurora from Ulverstone Tasmania on 18 August 2003        Photo by Paul Anderson


Report on Observation of Southern Aurora on 18-19 August 2003

We received a text message of an Aurora Alert in Hobart on Monday 18 August 2003 at about 1700 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time. Observed aurora intermittently from Blackmans Bay 20 km south of Hobart between 2000 hours AEST on 18 August and 0200 hours AEST on 19 August. Clear sky and moon in last quarter. 8pm - observed "searchlights" rising from horizon up to 50 degrees elevation. Midnight - observed green arc extending across southern sky. 2am - observed waves of white light extending across the southern sky about 60 degrees and rolling from the horizon up to 40 degrees elevation with a period of about 1 second (like waves rolling onto a beach). Spectacular.

Report by Dallas and Beth Stott, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania, Australia


 In Australia the Southern Lights may be seen from as far north as Armidale in NSW under good viewing conditions. The best conditions are no clouds or moon and minimal artificial light. You can subscribe to receive an SMS message or email alert of possible impending auroras from the Australian Space Agency Weather Agency at the following links. They observe sunspot activity.


You can subscribe to Aurora Alerts and Flare Alerts at the following links.

A Flare Alert will give you a few days notice of a possible aurora.

An Aurora Alert is instantaneous but you won't know about it until you read the email or sms.

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